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Project Showcase
 #11 Coater Calender  on Assembly Bench at HPM
Coater Calendar Section
In-Line Digital Perforator in Operation
In-Line Digital Perforator
Rail Carts Designed and Built by Haanen Packard Machinery
Specialty Rail Cart
Specialty Application Equipment
From one of a kind rolls to pilot plants, HPM has the expertise you need for specialty design and fabrication projects.





Portable Winding Station

Perforating  Rolls

Duct Tape Shrink Wrap Sorter
bullet Designed by Converter Design, Inc.
bullet Manufactured by HPM
bullet Designed by Haanen Engineering
bullet Manufactured by HPM
bullet Manufactured by HPM 




Haanen Packard Machinery   16 Allen Street   Hudson Falls  NY 12839     Phone 518-747-2330     Fax 518-747-2315